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Demanded by many of our clients we have added a complete new module of Diversity & Inclusion questions to our Organizational Health Survey.

When answering our Diversity & Inclusion questions, survey participants can in addition opt to leave qualititative comments next to answer the multiple choice format.

HR Departments and Company Leadership can thus access a total new level of insights into the real Diversity & Inclusion  Situation of their Company



HammerResults Methodology & Important Functionalities of our System

You have the option of executing a traditional one-time survey (typically 2-3 weeks) or install an ongoing Survey-Pulsing-Assigning Tasks-Re-measuring- project managing system (minimum 1-2 years)

Start Survey with 44 questions (38 for Organizational Health + 6 for Diversity and Inclusuion)

Assign Actions with our automated project management system or undertake improvement workshops with our specialists

Remeasure through pulsing or repeat survey. Check if improvement actions had positive impact. Recalibrate if necessary

Review Results 24/7 online, quantitave results are benchmarked, qualitiave comments optionally available for each question answered (if participants left comments)


About Hammerresults

Hammerresults GmbH was created in 2017 and is based in Einsiedeln Switzerland. Hammerresults is mainly run by Klaus Hammer, a long-term expert and former McKinsey leader in this area, but cooperates with a network of specialists in IT, consulting, compliance and law

Compliance is ususally well served in the area of financial services. We, in addition, focus on the needs of clients in the industrial, service or trade sectors, areas which increasingly come under pressure from regulatory authorities and the exploding legal requirements. Without proper care of Compliance matters companiies in these areas might also lose their “License to Operate”.

Starting from 2024 (means for the year 2023) SMEs which have more than 500 employees and min. 20 Mill. CHF sales or min. 40 Mill. CHF balance sheet volume have to hand in a report which covers their non-financial impact on society, namely on the issues of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). We help companies in the structure, organization, and establishment of such reports and provide best practice examples

Since the beginning we are also surveying companies on culture and organisational health. A good culture is also a key ingredient for a proper Compliance Management.

About Klaus Hammer​

Klaus holds a law degee from the University of Munich, an MBA from UC Berkeley and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) from Zurich University, law faculty

He spent approximately 12 Years in consulting (twice with McKinsey & Company) and 15 years in corporate leadership roles, such as CEO and ExVP of multinational companies

Klaus created the HammerResults organizational health survey as well as the Compliance Check for SME’s (small and midsize enterprise


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