CEO & Founder

Klaus Hammer

Klaus Hammer is the founder and CEO of HammerResults. Before that he held positions at McKinsey & Co. as General Manager EMEA for McKinsey’s Organizational Solution (London) and Genioo Workforce Solutions as global Commercial Lead (Zug). His consulting background is complemented by earlier periods at McKinsey (Munich) and Andzyme Global (Dubai). Klaus has also 13 years of corporate leadership experiences as CEO of Signity, the largest trading and marketing organization of synthetic and genuine gemstones of the world, before it was purchased by Swarovski, and earlier as Division Chief and member of the Global Executive Board of the Swarovski Organisation.

“For many years now I have been talking with and listened to executives and employees to fully understand what makes it so hard for many organizations to improve their culture and engagement. Employee surveys are common-place, but it is so often not clear what to make out of the results. Survey results are frequently not actionable; hence it remains a mystery what to do with them and where the real root causes of low engagement lie. Lastly, even if actions were decided, managers and employees seem to lack the will and the skill to implement changes. A frequent issue is the need for scalability and the cost of¬†implementing changes. Good people within an organization quickly spread too thin and consultants are too expensive over the long run.

HammerResults and its methodologies were specifically created with the vision in mind to provide answers and very doable solutions to these practical hurdles. Moreover, we want to fundamentally change how organizations and companies approach culture and engagement management. We intend to transform it from a once-a-year difficult project into a straight forward and easy to perform daily or weekly management activity. And we consider our job only well done when measurable results are realized.”